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Since 1988


Without a doubt, one of the sublime pleasures of Thailand is the food. The variety of ingredients and the different combinations of flavors make for an unforgettable national cuisine. Four basic flavors are blended in different proportions, depending on the ultimate taste desired: HOT AND SPICY produced by fresh or dried hot peppers; SWEET produced by palm sugar, a molasses-like syrup or refined white sugar; SOUR produced by tamarind or fresh lime juice; and SALTY produced by fish sauce or oyster sauce – never salt. Like most Thai cooking, the time is spent in chopping, grounding, and slicing the raw ingredients in preparation for the final process… a quick stir-fry in a Wok.

The typical Thai dish is well known for its hot taste. Indeed, the chili is the most important and most frequently used ingredient in many Thai dishes. But foreigners who are not used to hot food need not be afraid, because not all dishes are explosively HOT. Some are mild and most are tolerable. And when dining in a Thai restaurant, you can always tell your server how you want your food prepared.

Unlike commercially prepared food, Thai dishes are prepared daily and require a skilled and patient hand to season and cook the ingredients in the proper sequence. Because of this, some dishes require a little more time to prepare, but are definitely worth the wait.

We hope you enjoy your experience with our cuisine and return often.